Alexei Boronine — original idea, JavaScript implementation, Stylus plugin, this website, various packaging and testing.

Cameron Little — Sass implementation.

Carlos Cabo — PHP implementation.

dvdplm — Rust implementation.

Florian Dormont — Haxe implementation.

lahwran — new Java implementation.

Manuel Gómez — PHP testing.

modal/duality — Haskell implementation.

Nicolas Goy — Elm implementation.

Mark Wonnacott — original Lua implementation, C# implementation.

Martin Mitáš — C implementation.

S. Clay Smith — Swift implementation.

Pimm Hogeling — original Java implementation.

Radu-Bogdan Croitoru — Ruby implementation.

Rob McGinley — Python implementation.

Roger Tallada — Objective-C implementation.

Rory O’Kane — fixes and improvements to the color picker demo on the homepage.