Alexei Boronine — original idea, JavaScript implementation, Stylus plugin, this website, various packaging and testing.

Bernardo Ferrari — Dart implementation.

Cameron Little — Sass implementation.

Carlos Cabo — PHP implementation.

dvdplm — Rust implementation.

Florian Dormont — Haxe implementation.

lahwran — new Java implementation.

Manuel Gómez — PHP testing.

modal/duality — Haskell implementation.

Nicolas Goy — Elm implementation.

Mark Wonnacott — original Lua implementation, C# implementation.

Martin Mitáš — C implementation.

S. Clay Smith — Swift implementation.

Seth Hinz — Crystal implementation.

Pimm Hogeling — original Java implementation.

Radu-Bogdan Croitoru — Ruby implementation.

Rob McGinley — Python implementation.

Roger Tallada — Objective-C implementation.

Rory O’Kane — fixes and improvements to the color picker demo on the homepage.

Special thanks to Mark Fairchild, Ph.D., author of Color Apperance Models for giving guidance on some technical questions. It was very generous of him to take the time to help this project.